Does BioRED™ have any upfront or hidden costs?
No, you simply pay for your container system and outbound shipping. Once the container is full, just send it back. It's as simple as that. Say goodbye to mileage, fuel, documentation, or environmental service charges.

What does the BioRED mailback kit include?
BioRED mailback kits are all inclusive and provide our customers with all necessary components required for the collection, transport, and disposal of used medical sharps and red bag waste.

Each BioRED kit includes the following:
Prepaid-return shipping box
Pre-addressed return shipping labels
Depending on your order - collection bin and sharps containers
Plastic liner
Zip ties

Do I have to sign a multi-year contract with BioRED?
Our systems are available on an as needed basis. Simply purchase a new container whenever you send you old one back. So say bye-bye to your 3 to 5 year contract and forget about the price increases you're used to.

What should I do if I accidentally threw away my return shipping box?
If you have lost your shipping box, contact customer service at info@forwardscience.com to request a replacement. Please do not mail your BioRED container in a box that is not provided by BioRed.

Are there any regulatory requirements to be aware of?
Please refer to SafeNeedleDisposal.org for up-to-date information on regulatory information for your location.

BioRED mailback service available in all 50 states?
The BioRED mailback kits have been tested for safety and have been approved by the United States Postal
Service for use in all 50 states.

Can I put the manifest tracking document inside of the BioRED container?
Do not place the manifest tracking document inside of any BioRED sharps containers or inside of the shipping box. The United States Postal Service must be able to clearly see the manifest document. Please place the completed document inside of the pouch located on the outside of the shipping box.

Can I place my own sharps container into the 18 gallon bins?
Yes, you can place any sealed sharps container directly into the 18 gallon BioRED bin for safe disposal.

Can I put blood or fluid in the container?
Blood or other bodily fluids cannot be placed in the container. No more than 50 ml of residual fluids can be put into the BioRED containers.

How long do I have to return the container for disposal?
There is no time limit on how long you can keep your container. You may fill the container as needed and return for disposal using the prepaid United States Postal Service mailing label and shipping box provided at any time.

What if an item(s) is missing from my order or damaged when it arrives?
If your package has been delivered and any of the included parts are missing or damaged, please contact info@forwardscience.com for assistance.

What is your refund policy? Can I request a refund after I have checked out?
Once you have completed the checkout process and your item has shipped, all orders are final. If your order has not shipped, please contact our customer service department for assistance with your request info@forwardscience.com.