How a Tennessee Dentist Uses BioRed to Improve Office Efficiency and Cut Costs

How a Tennessee Dentist Uses BioRed to Improve Office Efficiency and Cut Costs - Testimonials

Located just west of Nashville, Tennessee, Dr. Gatgens purchased his dental practice over five years ago. The office was then under contract with a medical waste pickup company which charged a monthly fee. Not knowing there were less expensive and more efficient options available, Dr. Gatgens simply renewed his contract with the existing provider.

His office opens at 8:00 a.m. and the staff rarely has time between patients. Their previous medical waste disposal provider kept a consistently inconsistent schedule – the office staff was never sure when the waste pickup would occur. “It never failed. He [the person preforming the waste pickup] would always show up when we were in the middle of seeing patients,” explains Dr. Gatgens. "We had to either stop and close the box and sign the manifest, or he had to wait. He wasn’t a happy camper when he had to wait, so he suggested he just close the box and have someone at the front desk sign the manifest. Having been to an OSHA seminar, I know that it’s unsafe to have someone else close up the box, and the person signing the manifest has to be trained and know what’s in the box.”

In attempts to fill up waste boxes, Dr. Gatgens and his assistants dumped everything from the tray into it. “It was very convenient that the box had no lid and all items from the tray could easily be thrown into the open box.” Even though they knew they didn’t need to put everything from the tray in the regulated waste box, they did it anyway. Still, with the extra waste added the boxes were never full when the unknown monthly pickup occurred.

Months of unregulated, off-schedule container pickups drove Dr. Gatgens to look into his contract. He was shocked to see his contract had auto-renewed for an additional three years, and the price was set to increase 6% per year. After contacting the provider, he decided it would be best to pay the cancelation fee and not risk another auto-renewal and price increase.

Determined to find better service, Dr. Gatgens discovered BioRed and its innovative solutions. Through a simple Google Search. “What I really liked was that there were no contracts. Then I found out I can fill out the manifest when the container is full and mail it out at my convenience!” he says.

Dr. Gatgens was also happy to pay a simple one-time price for BioRed’s container system – a price that includes destruction cost, manifest, and return shipping. BioRed also provides a plastic leak-proof container with a top. “Items no longer go in a lidless cardboard box.”

Traditional regulated medical waste disposal companies are not designed for small quantity generators like dental offices. Many services set their pricing based on volume and contract length – not on client schedules or specific needs. BioRed provides great flexibility to small business like Dr. Gatgens’ dental office.

Dr. Gatgens now purchases medical waste disposal services on an as-needed basis from with no contracts or added fees. Once the containers are full, Dr. Gatgens simply seals the United States Postal Service compliant box, makes sure the prepaid shipping label is exposed, and ships back to BioRed for proper EPA treatment.

Dr. Gatgens is no longer throwing all office waste into the regulated waste containers. BioRed’s waste segregation posters assure he and his team are throwing the proper items into the correct bins. This combined with the disposal of full containers on a regular, appropriate schedule has helped his practice save 50% when compared to the practice’s prior pickup service! And better service allows his staff to fully focus on what matters – his patients.