10 Interview Questions that Get to the Point

FS interview questions

Recently, some of Forward Science’s leadership team sat down to discuss the best interview questions to get to the point with candidates.

We have put together this list of questions to elevate your interviews, allowing you to really get to know the candidate. Based on the available position, these questions can be adjusted.

1. What are your 1, 3, and 5 year goals?
This question gives a great perspective on if the candidate foresees a long future in this role or if they just want an escape from their current role. Regardless of the answer, asking this question will give you insight on what the candidate wants out of the opportunity you’re providing.

2. If I met your friends, how would they describe you?
Serious self-reflection time-- this question requires the candidate to think outside the stereotypical qualities they may use to describe themselves in an interview. It forces them to get real about their valuable attributes.

3. Tell me about your worst boss and why were they the worst?
This question is the easiest way to understand how someone reacts to workplace conflict.

4. How do you define success?
The response to this question shows me how a candidate will orient their goals in the workplace and provide a deeper understanding of what motivates them.

5. What do you think your day will look like in this role?
Does this candidate have realistic expectations of what this job entails? Too often candidates have a vision of the job they are applying for that isn’t quite realistic-- we like to see what interests them about this role to see if they would be the ideal fit.

6. Tell me about a time you failed…
This question doesn’t allow for a “my weaknesses are also my strengths” kind of answer. It forces them to get real about a difficult situation and address how they handled it.

7. Who is your biggest mentor?
We frequently ask this of potential sales reps because it allows me to understand who they model their success after and what qualities they admire in other successful people. Also- the responses always prompt a more conversational tone in the interview.

8. Tell me about an experience you have had with a sales rep…
This question gets to the point quickly. What preconceived notions do they have of this position? What myths are we going to have to train around?

9. What do you think the hardest thing to sell would be?
This obscure question will tell you what aspect of sales this candidate will struggle with... will they struggle to sell your product?

10. Teach me about something you assume I know nothing about…
Time for the candidate to captivate. This question addresses three things: what do they assume you know nothing about? Can they keep you intrigued while educating? Are they enthralling when describing something they’re passionate about? If not, they probably won’t be able to hold someone’s attention when presenting your products.

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