10 Reasons You Can’t Go Wrong...

10 Reasons You Can’t Go Wrong... - 10 Reasons You Can’t Go Wrong with a 1099 Sales Position

...with a 1099 Sales Position.

The United States is facing the highest
unemployment rate in our history. Over
17 million Americans are searching for
jobs in the midst of a global health crisis.
Whether you were laid off, furloughed
or are simply seeking additional income,
Forward Science’s 1099 Sales Team is a
great opportunity during these difficult
times and beyond.

  1. Additional income outside of your potential regular income stream. This opportunity is 100% commission based allowing you to supplement your typical paycheck by how often and how much you sell.
  2. Control your own schedule. The Forward Science 1099 Sales Team opportunity can be as busy or as relaxed as you like. You decide when, where and how long you work.
  3. Impress future employers by taking advantage of a new opportunity. Rather than using this time to relax on the couch, prove to future employers you take initiative and are willing to prove yourself for a job.
  4. Hone in on your skills by continuing (or beginning) to sell during a slow economic time.
  5. Try something new- there’s no risk in joining a 1099 sales team because it’s part-time and based around your schedule. Use your spare time to see if MedTech sales is the best career choice for you.
  6. Go full time faster from being able to shorten performance timeline by doing training during this time of distancing.
  7. Get your foot in the door with med-tech company, many companies require years of experience and this opportunity allows you with a stepping stone into the industry
  8. Protect yourself with supplemental income. Any additional income is helpful during times of economic distress, and even another pandemic (let’s hope not).
  9. Tap into your existing network. You likely already have numerous connections in the dental and medical industry-- take advantage of preexisting connections to advance your career.
  10. #ChangeLives - Forward Science was created with the mission to change lives through simple, efficient technology. Our typical product lineup consists of cancer screening devices, opioid-free pain management options and dry mouth treatment to assist patients going through chemotherapy. Becoming part of Forward Science’s 1099 sales team will not only benefit you, your wallet and your resume, but you will be providing life-changing technology to clinicians and patients alike.

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