Checklist For Taking Quality Clinical Images

Checklist For Taking Quality Clinical Images - Quality Clinical Images

When taking clinical images with your camera, smartphone, or tablet, there are a few things to remember in order to achieve quality images.

Use the OralID checklist to ensure the best clinical images possible!

  • Spray or wipe the lesion dry to prevent any saliva fluorescing
  • Make sure the flash has been turned off
  • Dim additional ambient lighting
  • Be sure the focus of the camera, tablet, or smartphone is on the lesion with the lack of fluorescence (manual focus is suggested, or by touching the screen or focus box on your smartphone or tablet)
  • Pull the OralID device back from the mouth (at times the OralID device is too bright for images, so increasing the distance from the OralID to the lesion will allow you to collect an image without oversaturating the picture)
  • Take multiple images, as you can always delete
  • Remember, hold still!

As there is a learning curve with everything, we recommend to practice on each other before documenting a patient.

As we are always continuing to populate our clinical image database, please send us any copies of your clinical images you acquire. Even if it is not a cancerous lesion, but something that is interesting we can use to educate your colleagues, send them into, and we will put your name on it for credit. (Remember – anyone who sends in clinical images that we use will be entered to win a drawing.)

If you would like more information or have a question regarding clinical images please email

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