Dental Economics: Pearls For Your Practice

Dental Economics: Pearls For Your Practice - Dental Economics: Pearls For Your Practice

As many of you already know, April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month. In April of 2015, Dental Economics released an article written by Dr. Joshua Austin, DDS, FAGD. In the article, Dr. Austin made several key notes about the OralID Device that would be helpful for the Dentist looking to purchase an oral cancer screening device for his or her practice. Below is a list of helpful tips and facts about OralID taken from the Pearls For Your Practice article:

Forward Science Technologies provides a nice online training module with a live member of their clinical staff who helps.
OralID uses a blue light at 435nm to 460nm that causes soft oral tissue to fluoresce.
The device comes with special glasses that have a yellow filter, which allows the clinician to easily identify areas that do not fluoresce. Suspicious lesions appear dark under the OralID light.
No rinsing or swabbing is needed before the exam. This diminishes the per-patient cost of the device.
Also included in the kit is a filter for your smartphone camera called the SmartFilterID. If you do encounter a questionable area, snap the SmartFilterID onto your smartphone's camera and take a snapshot of the suspicious area.
You can use the photo as a reference for monitoring an area as part of a referal to a specialist.
A couple of cytology kits, called CytID, are included with the OralID kit.
CytID is a cytology swab kit that will allow you to noninvasively collect a sampling of cells as a precursor to confirm the need for a full biopsy. The cytology sample can also be tested for the human papillomavirus (HPV).
Just like a caries-detecting dye, learning how to read what you see will require practice. OralID provides free Team Training to help you out.
It is important to remember this is a screening tool, so it won't replace the need for you to think and process what you see.

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