Do Your Patients Know That You Offer Screenings?

Do Your Patients Know That You Offer Screenings? - Do Your Patients Know That You Offer Screenings?

In your practice it is important that your patients are fully aware of their option of having an oral cancer screening performed at their next appointment. Most of the time when patients are looking for a new dentist, they are more than likely going to browse your website to get a better feel for your practice and your staff before they actually call the office.

We would encourage you to display that you offer oral cancer screenings, on your website, possibly under a “Services” or “Procedures” tab. Otherwise, the only way the patient will know about this service you provide is if they happen to come to you for an appointment. By creating a place for your screenings on your website, this helps educate the patient on the importance of them being screened, as well as free publicity for your practice. Our website also includes free downloads which might be helpful on your office website, for example, the OralID logo. These downloads are located under the “Downloads” tab on the OralID home page, or

Send us the link to your webpage!

If you are already implementing this option on your office page, or plan to include it, send us the link to your webpage with the OralID screening option and we will gladly post about your office on our Facebook page for additional exposure for your practice. Send all links to or message our Facebook page with your name and office name! Continue to Shine Light. Save Lives.™

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