How To Get In The Door In Sales

Get In The Door

The game of sales is tough
(particularly during a pandemic)!
However, with the right tools
and the right attitude, sales
can become competitive
and even fun.

At Forward Science, our sales team
does a great job at promoting our
products and getting meetings with
new offices. We decided to
sit down with our successful
reps and ask them how they
get in the door for meetings…

Here’s What We Learned

Do Your Research

  • Prepare for every meeting like you would an interview. Get to know the names of the staff, see what services they offer and what they value.
  • This way you are educated and prepared to answer any question they might have for you. The more information you know, the better.

Get To The Right Person

  • After doing your research, you should have a good idea of who you need to talk to. Communicate with the doorkeeper and work with them to find the right point of contact.

Be Consistent

  • You might not always get a meeting right away, so tell the customer you will be following up. Stick to your word and follow up consistently (and be kind and courteous in the process). Consistency is key!

Use Your Network

  • Connections are a great tool! Leverage your current network to find new clients and don’t be afraid to ask for references from family and friends. If you have a connection, you are more likely to get in the door.

Be A Resource

  • Whether you get the meeting or not, you can always be a valuable resource every time you walk into a business. Be a positive influence, make a friendly connection or teach them something new. Leave the office better than you found it!

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