Growing Pains: 10 Signs You Are Ready For A New Space

In the span of a decade, Forward Science has moved facilities 5 times...

It all started in a spare bedroom/garage “office” when it was just two engineers running all aspects of the company.

Once we began adding team members, we realized that working out of someone’s home was not the ideal location for a full team, so the company transitioned to a smaller strip-center type office. It was just enough square footage for a few team members and manufacturing space.

But, as sales continued to grow, our team was forced to share offices. That’s when we decided to expand to our neighbor’s facility, but that only delayed the need for the big (investment) move. From 1,600 ft2 to now 19,000ft2.

Forward Science has experienced growing pains over the past decade. Maintaining proper office space is essential for company culture and continued success. If office space begins limiting productivity or company growth, it is time to make the move.

Here are some signs that your office space is no longer adequate for your team to accomplish the goals you have set:

  1. Parking Becomes a Problem
  2. There aren’t enough desks for the team (or the proper number of desks won’t fit)
  3. Employees are sharing spaces/offices
  4. Your conference room is constantly occupied
  5. You’ve outgrown your conference room (and can’t host necessary meetings)
  6. Noise distractions are high
  7. Storage is limited
  8. No quiet/private space
  9. Your employees are waiting in line for the restroom
  10. Multiple shifts for lunch are needed

Whether you are 2 founders, a team of 50, or even 5,000, moving is never an easy feat. Growing pains are a good problem to have, but a problem nonetheless. As we continue to grow Forward Science, we always make sure our office space is conducive to our business vision. As we know, things change quickly, which does mean sometimes office space has to change along with that. Once you get to a steady-state business operation, then the next question is, to rent or to buy?

But that is a discussion for another day.