Let OralID® Help Promote You

Let OralID® Help Promote You - Let OralID Help Promote You

Let OralID Help Promote You. Seven short tips to help you promote your OralID oral cancer screenings!

1. Update your Website- Add OralID under the Technology or Cancer Screening Tabs. Write a brief description or link a video for patient education.
2. Advertise on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram . We have special graphics to accommodate social media advertisements.
3. Create a YouTube Video discussing the risks with oral cancer or showing your patients how the exam is performed.
4. Post Marketing brochures/posters throughout your office.
5. Do a Press Release announcing your new technology. We have multiple options available.
6. Submit a Print Ad in a local magazine or Health Journal. We have written an article comparing oral and cervical cancer that would be a perfect fit.
7. Sponsor a Free or Discounted Oral Cancer Screening Event

Current Users may email us for a link to Marketing Documents and Logos or Contact us for further assistance at 855-696-7254.

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