Get Your Start In Medical Sales Today

Get Your Start In Medical Sales

Have you ever imagined yourself
in an outside sales role?

Are you yearning to break into
the medical sales world?

We at Forward Science have a thriving Independent Sales Team, armed with the product knowledge and sales training to get our products into the hands of those that need them.

With a competitive commission structure, freedom to make your own schedule, and the opportunity to gain irreplaceable experience in clinical sales, our team members can flourish in their careers with us.

We are continually looking for driven individuals to join our Independent Sales Team to provide clinicians with our innovative technology and valuable products. Our 1099 Sales Representatives have the unique opportunity to join our booming team as we make a difference in the lives of the communities we serve.

This role allows motivated individuals to jumpstart their careers in medical device/pharmaceutical sales, while gaining the necessary experience to be successful for years to come (yay!).

Additionally, we have an unmatched training program that conveys all product information in a digestible fashion & it’s not boring (I promise). We also incorporate our professional sales procedures to fine-tune the skills of our team members because preparation is key!

Along with training and education, Forward Science offers immense support to each and every one of our team members. With a devoted management team guiding the way and an excellent operations team in place, no representative is left behind. We are a tight-knit team with goals to accomplish, and we work together to achieve them.

Are you interested in joining our team as a 1099 Sales Representative?

Please contact us at to learn more about the role and how you can join us in our mission to continue changing lives.