Michael Douglas Said What?!

Michael Douglas Said What?! - Michael Douglas Said What?!

Michael Douglas informed the public last week of what actually caused his oral cancer. Contrary to initial reports, Michael Douglas' oral cancer was not caused from excessive smoking or drinking, which ironically are roles he plays quite often in movies. Michael Douglas stated that his oral cancer was caused from a new trend in oral cancer - oral sex (or the proper name cunnilingus).

HPV related cancers have been steadily increasing, with the exception of HPV related Cervical Cancer. HPV is now the fastest growing oral cancer risk factor. HPV+ Oral Cancers have increased 225% in the past three decades. Here are some of the things you need to know:

HPV is the most common virus for skin / mucosal tissue
3 of 4 people are infected with HPV at some time or another
There are over 120 different types of HPV
Most HPVs are common and harmless
Gardasil is an HPV vaccine, approved for girls AND boys

With all of the new trends in Oral Cancer, make sure you are ready for the questions from your patients. You are the expect in oral health, and your patients expect you to know these answers and screen them properly.

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