Oral Cancer Awareness Month 2016

As clinicians, most of you probably know April is Oral Cancer Awareness month. However, you may find that many of your patients are still unaware of this month and the importance of spreading oral cancer awareness.

The number of oral cancer cases has increased over a six-year period, while other cancers have declined. Patients automatically assume that when they receive a clean bill of health from their dentist, it also includes that he or she is cancer free. For this reason, we want to be sure you are giving your patients the most advanced and thorough exam possible.

What better time to announce or market your office performing oral cancer screenings than Oral Cancer Awareness month? Have you always wanted to give back to your community or patients, but you are not sure how? We have put together four easy ways for you and your office staff to get involved with Oral Cancer Awareness Month 2015!

Free OralID Screenings In April - Send a flyer to your patients in March letting them know that with every standard cleaning or exam in April, they will receive a FREE oral cancer screening (if your screenings are not already free). This costs the office no extra fees and appointments will more than likely book much faster!

Community Walk or Run - Host a community-wide walk or run! There will always be people interested in participating in 5K events, especially if they know part of the proceeds go to a good cause! At the end of the event, each participant will receive a free oral cancer screening and toothbrush! If your office is fairly small, partner with a neighboring office to help with the screenings.

FREE Screening Saturdays - One Saturday out of the month of April, open your office doors for walk-ins to come in for free oral cancer screenings! With each screening only taking about 2 minutes, patients could be in and out of the chair in quickly. If you are feeling generous, screen all four Saturdays in the month of April! Patients will appreciate your generosity and respect for your community.

School Education Screenings - Cases of oral cancer are beginning to be found in teens as young as 15 years old. Offer a 30-minute educational course to your local middle school or high school in April, and teach them about the risks of alcohol, tobacco, oral sex, and smoking!

Now that you have a few bright ideas for your office get started planning a successful Oral Cancer Awareness month! Do not forget to use your social media sites and office website to spread the word to your community! We want to know what you have planned for April! Send any event pictures or plans to info@oralid.com and we will help spread the word on our Facebook page. Together we can find oral cancer at it’s early stages, thus save lives! #JoinTheMovement

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