Outlier Moment with a TSA Agent

Outlier Moment with a TSA Agent - Outlier Moment With TSA Agent

Here is a story that recently occured while our co-founder and CEO, Robert Whitman, went through TSA security. Here is the story in his own words:

For those who do not know what an outlier moment is, it is when you realize that all of the work you have devoted to any given thing has paid off in some form or fashion. It may be something small or may be something life-changing; however, it reassures your vision and motivates you to continue on the path you are on because you have confidence in knowing that what you’re doing is working.

Well, I had a pretty cool Outlier Moment this past week!

While traveling to lecture at the UAB Dental School Annual Symposium, I was stopped by the Houston TSA team while going through security. I cannot complain as it was my fault; I tried to get through with a restricted amount of shaving cream.

Nonetheless, in my suitcase rested a large OralID sign that I had packed to display at the tradeshow. The TSA agent had to removed it to search my suitcase and proceeded to ask, “If you do not mind my asking, what is OralID?”. Another TSA agent overheard and said “I know what that is; it is an Oral Cancer screening device. My mom uses it in her office in Atlanta. She is a dental assistant for Bernee Dunstan. They have been using it for quite a few years now and love it…”

As we are always constantly grinding in our jobs, it is good to celebrate the success at times and think of how many people we have touched by offering a life-changing product.

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