Why is Social Media Essential?

Social Media Is Essential

92% of businesses are on at least one social media platform. Brands and businesses ranging from TikTok to Toyota to Apple to Gap and even Target have over a million followers-- each!

Consumers are using social media to opt into receiving content from their favorite brands-- basically allowing brands to advertise their products for free!

Social Media, particularly during the era of COVID-19, is an essential and effective marketing and sales tool. Here’s why you need to be utilizing it…

1. Social media gives consumers the opportunity to shop products and services digitally and safely.

  • Everyone's on their computers and phones now more than ever. If we don’t have to leave the house, we won’t! We get our groceries, work, socialize with friends and even take workout classes online now! Meet consumers where they are: on their digital devices. Social media is an essential tool right now particularly because people don’t want to leave the safety of their homes (and their screens) to get to your establishment in person. Work smarter and get on social media!

2. Social media platforms allow you to attract new customers by introducing your content to other social media users.

  • Have you ever heard of “social media algorithms”? Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn want users to stay on their platform, so they are constantly introducing users to new accounts. Just simply by being on social media, you are allowing social media platforms to introduce your brand to potential new customers.

3. Social media gives you the opportunity to communicate quickly and genuinely with your customers.

  • Comments, likes, reposts and direct messages are all ways that your consumers can communicate with you on social media. Learn which products and services they want to see more of, ask if they have any questions or suggestions and receive their honest feedback-- quickly and without pestering them with an online survey!

4. On social media you can communicate with consumers on a platform they choose to be on.

  • People are on social media because they want to be on social media. When you post on social media you are communicating with your customers in a way that they actively choose to be a part of! Take advantage of the fact that your consumers are logging in multiple times a day to receive information from you!

5. Social media essentially is a platform for free promotion of your products.

  • Share new products, upcoming services, updates from your company and all of your news for free. There’s always the option to boost a post or create a social media ad, but having a social media presence is a free way to communicate and share updates with your customers.

6. Social media allows users to differentiate from competition.

  • Sharing your story and giving behind the scenes content is an easy way to show your customers why you’re the best option. Social media ensures that you don’t blend in with your competitors!

7. Stay top of mind for current customers on social media.

  • If they see you on their Instagram feed, they probably won’t forget about you. Consistently (and effectively) using social media allows you to be a frequent thought in your customers’ minds. Don’t let them forget you, post something!

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