Social Media In Your Practice?

Social Media In Your Practice? - Social Media In Your Practice?

If there was one word that described the world today, it would more than likely be “social”. People across the country are constantly “tweeting”, “liking”, “sharing” and “swiping”. Businesses have adapted to these trends by reaching out to their customers via social media, so why should your practice be any different?

Below are a few tips to help your office stay in contact with your current patients, as well as potential new patients!

• First, “friend” your patients on Facebook through your office page, or have them "Like" your page when they come into the office, make it fun for the patient.

• Throughout the week, post short facts and tips for oral hygiene.

• Incorporate your OralID awareness signs into your office, have some fun. Be sure to tag your patient, UPS worker or FedEx carrier in your pictures. (This image will be on their page, with your name on the post, for all of their friends to see.)

• Link your Facebook to your office Twitter (if you do not have a twitter, it is time); now every time you post to Facebook, your Twitter account will post the same post automatically, two birds with one stone.

• Once or twice a week, also upload an interesting fact to Instagram, keep it short and sweet, people like “visuals”, not paragraphs.

• Use your hashtags! Hashtags group things together, like a photo album. For example, you hashtag “toothbrush” (#toothbrush), everyone who has posted an image with the same hashtag, will appear in this album!

• Put together a promotional post through Facebook. For example, “1 American dies every hour of oral cancer, have you been screened? Share this post for a chance to win a FREE oral cancer screening!” Now each time your post is “shared”, your office name reaches more potential patients! Then of course, you would randomly select someone to win a free screening!

Now that you have a few ideas, get busy “socializing”! We want to see what you come up with. E-mail us at and tell us what you are doing in your office!

Need help going social? Ask us about our new ID For Life Monthly Program where we hold your hand in marketing your OralID technology.

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