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The proven science of liquid cytology yields outstanding sensitivity and specificity when compared to the Gold Standard of an incisional biopsy. Just as important are the positive & negative predictive values, which quantifies the performance of such a test. Not only does CytID™ use liquid cytology, but our proprietary technology takes the liquid technique to the next level, dramatically increasing the number of useable cells for evaluation and eliminates the cellular artifacts that lead to unevaluable samples. Note the difference in the CytID slide (left) and the clumpy smear on the (right).

The pathology report provides grades which the medical community is familiar with and which are standard in pathology reports:

  • Negative – Within Normal Limits, No Evidence of Malignancy
  • Atypical – Suggestive of Dysplastic changes
  • Malignancy – Malignant or changes suggestive of Malignancy

Further, the pathology report will contain notes of infection, reactive or regenerative repair suggestive of healing, fungus, etc. as appropriate typically in the text of the report.

The cell acquisition is an easy process for the office staff and painless for the patient. There are not multiple steps for smearing, applying a fixative, and sealing all within a short window of time; just swab the tissue and transfer the cells to the vial. That's it. See the video tab above, or click here, for a quick how-to.

Your patients will also thank you, as you do not need to draw blood or remove chunks of tissue. It truly is painless.


If abnormal cells are observed (and if requested), the HPV type will be reported using reflex HPV DNA testing.

As you've experienced with OralID, expect the same superior customer service with CytID.

Customer service is something that we take very serious at Forward Science Technologies. Our doctors and their teams come first. They need to be well trained, serviced and responded to in a timely manner. We know this has sometimes been a “lost virtue” in the dental community and we feel that is unacceptable. Forward Science Technologies exists to SERVE our customers so that they may properly serve their patients!