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The "Likes For Life" program was created to empower others and give back. For every 500 likes Forward Science's Facebook page obtains, we will donate an OralID™ device to a non-profit organization that is making a difference. Whether it is a company that travels to third world countries to provide the highest standard of care, or simply an inner-city medical clinic that sees thousands of patients a week, Forward Science is happy to partner with anyone that continues to do good for others. More like's not only provides devices, they also increase oral cancer awareness. We are pleased to have already donated several devices and will continue to do so. Below is a list of some of our OralID™ Life Saving partners.

If you know of an organization that should be considered for our next OralID™ device donation, please fill out the form here.


Faxton St. Luke's



Free Clinic

of Simi Valley


St. Christopher's

Foundation For Children


North Carolina

Missions of Mercy


Helping People

Help Themselves