An Oral Health Therapist's Testimonial On EarAID

Timmy Reiber (BOPDHB)
Dental Oral Health Therapist

"I have had my EarAID earpieces now for a year. I decided to leave them out for a patient just before writing my experience of what it’s like without the provided protection of EarAID.

I was quickly reminded by the screaming of the ultrasonic scaler, highlighting why I purchased EarAID in the first place. It provides fantastic protection from dental noises that contribute to noise-induced hearing loss.

Having been in the army as a medic for 10 years before I decided to become a dental hygienist, I was always exposed to loud noises. While the military is very good at identifying the need for hearing protection, there are always times where you are unable to apply these protective items.

After returning from an overseas tour in the Army, I have now noticed a marked threshold shift in the hearing in my left ear compared to the right. This shift was the reason why I was initially prompted to get hearing protection. For me, I was always used to wearing them in the military anyway, so it was not an odd thing for me to be doing.

I also have a father who has hearing loss after a lifetime of working in constant noise environments without hearing protection, so I am always motivated to prevent this from happening to me. Having colleagues and friends in the dental industry, I am always interested in their experiences of hearing loss caused by the work place. While a large portion of my peers say they have experienced some hearing loss, I am always shocked as to why they do not do something to prevent their hearing loss from worsening. I have asked a few of them if they have considered EarAID. They are always interested; however, never purchase it. I think most clinicians normalize their hearing loss, In my opinion, hearing loss is definitely abnormal and should be prevented.

It is the same reason we wear loupes, have posture correcting chairs and use other protective items. To help us make a long-term career of dentistry, why is hearing so constantly overlooked? I would be lost now without my EarAID earpieces, but it has not been an easy road from the beginning. It is like anything, you need to get used to them. I sent mine back a few times thinking they were broken, but I had to change the filters more often (as the filter signal is the earpieces no longer working), I also got an ear infection from them due taken them in and out after every patient (I now leave them in all day). I also have labeled them left and right to make sure I am keeping the ear plugs on the same side. I have had no issues for the last 6 months.

It is like anything - once you get used to it, you will wonder why you did not do it sooner."

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