Customer Testimonials

“It’s impressive how the high pitch sounds of the drill and suction are muffled out yet they still allow me to hear what my patients are saying.” - Rich Derksen, DMD, MS

"I did a routine procedure and forgot to put in the earpieces - about two minutes in I had to go and grab them because they make such a difference!" - Stephanie Bangs

“I have had my DI-15 earplugs now for a year. I decided to leave them out for a patient and was reminded very quickly by the screaming of the ultrasonic scaler, highlighting to me why I bought these in the first place.”
- Timmy Reiber (BOPDHB) Dental Oral Health Therapist

“The noise reduction was substantial and immediate. I’m impressed by how well “wanted sounds” (like speech) are preserved through the earplugs. I miss the earplugs when I’m not wearing them… suddenly the dental drill and suction are a bit more irritating now that I know what it’s like to hear them at a lower volume.”
- Dr. Peter Norton Dental On Clarke, NSW, AUS