GelGauze - Soluble Dental Gauze Dressing

Soluble Dental Gauze Dressing

GelGauze™ is made from biocompatible regenerated cellulose, chemically treated to become water-soluble, and contains no chemical additives. Upon contact with moist oral wound, the material dissolves and transforms into a gelatinous material. By applying gentle pressure at this time, the material will adhere to the wound and form a barrier, protecting the wound from further irritation. GelGauze™ dissolves in a few days and is safe if swallowed. Excess dressing material may be removed by rinsing with sterile water or saline solution.

  • Sterile, single-use, soluble dental gauze dressing made from biocompatible regenerated cellulose
  • Transforms from solid to gel when in contact with saliva and dissolves in a few days
  • Use for the temporary management of oral surgical wounds such as extraction sites

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