Growing Pains

(Houston, TX) - In September 2021, Forward Science, a privately held MedTech company, invested in a new facility to relocate its world headquarters within Houston, Texas. Forward Science seeks to shift the United States to focus more on insourcing, manufacturing within the US, as opposed to outsourcing.

Forward Science was founded in 2012 by two biomedical engineers with the goal of innovating technology to change lives. Forward Science has humble beginnings—the first “office space” being housed in a spare bedroom and garage. Since their inception, the Forward Science team has outgrown numerous facilities. The upcoming move will be the company’s fourth facility in just a decade. "We continue to upgrade our facility as our product offerings continue to grow” explains Brian Pikkula, Chief Scientific Officer at Forward Science. “The need for growth is largely due to the vertically integrated structure of our business, where we design, develop, manufacture, commercialize and support products all in one facility. It is rare today to have one facility that does it all, but we Forward Science believes in providing a quality service to our customers every step of the way.”

Forward Science is an FDA-registered medical device and drug manufacturing facility, along with other manufacturing certifications and qualifications. In addition to manufacturing FDA-regulated products for the core oral healthcare business at Forward Science, the company began making hand sanitizer at the start of the pandemic to provide for health facilities nationwide. “The pandemic gave us the opportunity to put our manufacturing abilities to the test. The team showed their extensive capabilities and outstanding work ethic during the process,” shares Robert J. Whitman, CEO of Forward Science. “The pandemic exploited our dependence of international suppliers for many products, specifically medical products. At Forward Science, we wanted to change that. This new facility will help us grow our Forward Science Manufacturing division, where our goal is to bring manufacturing back to the United States, specifically deep in the heart of Texas.”

Forward Science will host an open house and tour of the completed facility once renovations are complete. If you or someone you know is looking to bring manufacturing to Houston, contact

About Forward Science
Forward Science is a privately held MedTech company based in Houston, Texas. Forward Science was founded in 2012 by two biomedical engineers with the goal of innovating technology to change more lives. Being completely vertically integrated, Forward Science designs, develops, manufactures, commercializes, and supports their products in-house, ensuring the highest quality of standards coupled with superior service. Forward Science has quickly evolved into the industry leader for providing oral healthcare products worldwide.

In addition to the Forward Science product portfolio, the company has expanded its capabilities to provide extensive resources for business growth including staffing solutions (Forward Staffing), innovative social media marketing (Forward Social), and contract manufacturing in their FDA-certified facility (Forward Manufacturing).

Forward Science believes in leading and working with others to expand and improve public health and business expansion by supporting the diverse partnerships between communities and companies. Partners of Forward Science can also depend on the support of a suite of wholly-owned subsidiaries including Forward Social, Forward Manufacturing, and Forward Staffing Services.

Join Forward Science with the goal to change lives! Follow us on social media, visit or call 855.696.7254.