Simple Test. Important Results.

hpvID™ is a kit allowing your office to report the current HPV status of your patient. The site of collection can be just the lesion of interest or the clinician can swab the entire mouth. All major HPV types, including HPV 16 (the HPV type most associated with oral cancer), can be detected by the PCR amplification method employed.

Remember that even with a positive HPV 16, the patient does not have oral cancer; they are at a higher risk. Also keep in mind that the HPV test is a "point in time test"; meaning that because of the transitory nature of the HPV virus, typically only active HPV infections will be identified. The human body can resolve HPV infections in a similar way as the common cold and HPV viruses can also remain in a non-detectable dormant state. Considering these factors, any HPV test should not be considered as a substitute for a proper oral cancer screening.

The hpvID kit contains a fixative vial, collection swab, and a return box with pre-paid shipping. Please call us for hpvID kits and pricing of the laboratory services.