Frequently Asked Questions

How much does OralID® cost? How much do the disposables* cost?
OralID costs less than all of the competition and includes a SmartFilterID for easy photo documentation, Lifetime Warranty, and free Team Trainings. There are no disposables* required to use the device.

How fast will I receive an OralID when I order it?
You will receive your OralID within five business days (or fewer) after placing your order.

Do you have literature I can use to educate my patients about oral cancer and why a dentist would use OralID to perform an examination?
Yes, we have two patient education trifolds that focus on the latest developments in oral cancer detection and HPV (human papillomavirus). The patient trifolds are Sex, Drugs & Oral Cancer and Oral Cancer (the latter is a PG-rated version suitable for all ages).

How often do I have to replace the “bulb”? How much does the bulb cost?
OralID does not use a bulb of any kind, but a late generation LED.

What type of batteries does OralID use? How many? Is it mandatory that we only use the brand of batteries provided in the OralID kit?
OralID uses two CR123A lithium batteries. The kit you receive contains four CR123A rechargeable batteries. Only use batteries supplied by Forward Science.

How would I take clinical images when using OralID?
You will need a special filter over the camera lens. Our two options are the:
SmartFilterID (FS-18) which is provided in the OralID kit and allows the user to easily image the oral cavity using a smart phone or tablet.
DSLR Camera Filter Adapter Kit (FS-XX - 52, 55, 58, 62, 67, 72, 77 mm) for your large Nikon or Canon cameras.

Which insurance code is applicable when I use OralID on patients?
You may use dental insurance code D0431, which is noted specifically for "adjunctive screening technologies" in order to screen for oral abnormalities.

Does the room need to be dark when I use OralID?
The room light does not need to be turned off. Given the intensity of the light coming from OralID, turning off the overhead exam light will be sufficient to perform a thorough examination.

How can I disinfect OralID when there is no sheath* to use with it?
OralID can be disinfected via a simple wipe-down process. We recommend that you use CaviWipes™ or an equivalent to wipe down the entire device after each use.

What if we hire a new staff member after our staff has already attended the OralID Team Training session?
Team Training is included with OralID and the ID for Life program for new users, staff who need a "refresher" and newly hired team members. Our comprehensive training webinar is available at One of our goals is superior customer service, and this means we’re here for you as long as you own an OralID. We want everyone to be educated about "Sex, Drugs & Oral Cancer."

Different fluorescent devices use different wavelengths (colors), so what’s the difference?
Whether it is violet or blue, there is no major difference between different color fluorescence technologies used in the dental field. This technology, no matter what color it uses, has been proven to be a vital aid in the visualization of oral cancer, pre-cancer and other tissue abnormalities.

There are 2 pairs of glasses – why? Is one for patient? Or are there two shapes to accommodate their personal glasses?
Both pair of glasses are the special filtered eyewear needed to work with the Fluorescence aspect of the OralID device. There are two types of glasses: one that will fit over prescription eyewear and one that is more sport fitting, so the clinician can choose which fits best, and then the other may be worn by the patient or another clinician in the office who is also performing the exam. Patients do not “have to” wear the glasses; the light will not harm them.

How much should I charge?
Costs for exams will vary for each office, and we do not recommend a specific charge. Since OralID does not have any per-patient cost, some offices are performing the oral screenings at no cost, some offices are only billing insurance (D0431), and some are charging up to $95. If you need assistance in implementing a pricing protocol, please contact Forward Science directly and we can help you in determining a proper screening fee for your office.

How much does insurance typically reimburse for this service?
Average insurance reimbursement ranges between $25- $75 per screening. Because insurance coverage is dependent on each patient's specific plan, we need to be comfortable explaining to patients that depending on the coverage they have, there may be an out-of-pocket cost to them.

*The CDC recommends the use of a sheath during standard procedures as best practice.