Customer Testimonials

The price point is perfect! We have two; one for each hygienist.” – Jennifer L. Munson, DMD

I feel we have accomplished more awareness and have had better compliance in just 2 months versus the other product that we used for years.” – Alexandra Canella, RDH

Customer service is excellent. OralID® is easy to use and incorporate in routine hygiene appointments, and is affordable.” – Smiles by Burgess

We recently found a Stage One Oral Cancer. I don’t think I would have seen it if we were not usingOralID!Kelly Carrothers, DDS

Most all of our patients have really enjoyed the fact that we are using new technology and that we really are taking oral cancer screening seriously and care about our patients’ health.” – Dr. J. Phillips, DDS

I feel that I can sleep better because I know I have given the patient a better sense of relief from oral cancer.” – Dr. Ian Topelson, DMD

Patients are very accepting of the rationale for providing the service and the price point makes it a no brainer.” – Dr. J. Shah, DDS

Very attractive price point, considering all of the supporting materials including handouts, training, and exceptional customer service.” – Dr. Daniel Varadi, DDS

Excellent product. Invaluable asset to every practice!” – Robert Convissar, DDS

The product is high quality. The staff is very friendly and helpful. The patients are very receptive to the OralID system.” – Dr. Edward Segal, DDS

The product is very easy to use and much more cost effective for our patients. Most of our patients are willing to do this as opposed to previous oral cancer screenings.” – Amber M., RDH

Finally! A product that isn’t an overpriced gimmick! It works as stated, and opens up a whole new visual dimension for oral cancer screening. It’s fast, economical and practice promoting! Thank you OralID!” – Joe D., DMD

What excites me is how affordable we can make screening for our patients, and how easy it is to use. At the end of the first day that we had OralID, I had tears in my eyes. It’s an amazing feeling to know that we’re changing lives!” – Vidhyalakshmi Sampath, DDS