Frequently Asked Questions

What is SalivaMAX®?
SalivaMAX is a supersaturated calcium phosphate powder that when dissolved in water, creates a solution with a high concentration of electrolytes similar to that of natural saliva. SalivaMAX is an artificial saliva that is used to relieve acute and chronic symptoms of xerostomia and mucositis. Supersaturated calcium phosphate rinses have been clinically proven to reduce the symptoms of xerostomia (dry mouth) due to medications, dysfunction of the salivary glands, and Sjögren’s syndrome.

SalivaMAX is intended to moisten, lubricate, and clean the oral cavity including the mucosa of the mouth, tongue, and throat. SalivaMAX may be used as part of an oral hygiene program for patients with dry mouth.

How does SalivaMAX work?
SalivaMAX contains high concentrations of calcium and phosphate ions to help the patient with low saliva flow supplement the missing elements needed for a healthy mouth.

What are the indications for SalivaMAX?

  • SalivaMAX is indicated for dryness of the mouth or throat (hyposalivation, xerostomia, mucositis), regardless of the cause and regardless of whether the condition is temporary or permanent. Relief of dryness of the oral mucosa in these conditions is associated with an amelioration of pain.
  • SalivaMAX is also indicated as an adjunct to standard oral care in treating the mucositis that may be caused by radiation or high dose chemotherapy.
  • SalivaMAX may be used for the relief of dryness of the oral mucosa when hyposalivation results from the following: pre/post surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, infection or dysfunction of the salivary glands, inflammation of the mouth or throat, fever, emotional factors such as fear or anxiety, obstruction of the salivary ducts, Bell’s Palsy, and Sjogren’s syndrome. SalivaMAX is also indicated for dryness of the oral mucosa due to drugs such as antihistamines, atropine, or other anticholinergeic agents that suppress salivary secretion.
  • SalivaMAX may be used as part of an oral hygiene program for patients with dry mouth. SalivaMAX provides intensive hygiene of the oral cavity, and may be used to help relieve bad taste, relieve offensive nasal discharge, and crusting.

How do patients use SalivaMAX?
Patients should dissolve one packet of SalivaMAX in one ounce of water (30 mL) then swish half of the solution in the mouth for 1 minute and spit out. Repeat with the remaining half of the solution. Patients should use the entire dose within 3 minutes of dissolving the powder in water.

Does SalivaMAX have side effects?
There have been no reported side effects for supersaturated calcium phosphate rinses. SalivaMAX does contain sodium. Patients restricted to a low sodium diet should consult their physician before use.

What do I do if I accidentally swallow SalivaMAX?
No adverse effects are expected if SalivaMAX is swallowed accidentally.

Where do I get SalivaMAX?
SalivaMAX is available by prescription only. Ask your physician or dentist for a prescription or contact Forward Science to receive a prescription pad for your doctor/clinician.

What are the ingredients in SalivaMAX?
SalivaMAX contains an abundance of calcium and phosphate ions in solution.

How long does SalivaMAX work and how often should I use it?
A research study on patients with high grade xerostomia found that the average duration of the supersaturated calcium phosphate rinse lasted about 71 minutes per dose. Lower grades of xerostomia can be used less frequently because of the reduced need for the rinse. SalivaMAX may be used 2 – 10 times per day. Please consult your physician for your specific dosing requirements.

What clinical studies do you have?
There are many clinical studies on the benefits of supersaturated calcium phosphate rinses. SalivaMAX is currently participating in several additional studies and we hope to distribute that data shortly.

How is this product different than Biotene?
Biotene acts as a coating, palliative treatment where it is primarily used to cover and mask the symptoms. SalivaMAX; however, is more of a treatment that is a partial substitute for natural saliva and helps restore the patient’s ionic balance.

How do we send a script in? Fax or electronically?
We provide both a simple prescription form for our offices to fax in prescriptions, or for clinicians who prefer e-prescribing, we offer that ability, as well.

Is it covered by insurance? Medicare?
SalivaMAX is covered by most commercial insurance providers. If it is not covered, your patient will never be billed without prior approval. When covered, there is typically a small copay, which will be covered through our Patient Assistance Program, resulting in most patients receiving SalivaMAX at no cost. Due to government regulations, we do not accept Medicare, Medicaid, or Tricare.

What if my insurance doesn’t cover it all?
Due to the advantages of SalivaMAX, the prescription is covered by a majority of commercial insurance plans. If your insurance does not cover the total amount, or if you have a copay, Forward Science has a Patient Assistance Program to help in most cases. The Patient Assistance Program allows patients the benefit of SalivaMAX with minimal to no out of pocket costs. If insurance does not cover the prescription, the patient will be offered the prescription at a discounted cash pay rate.

What is the Patient Assistance Program?
The Patient Assistance Program allows the manufacturer, Forward Science, to help offset the costs incurred by the patient for the SalivaMAX prescription. The program can be used by patients that have insurance coverage for SalivaMAX and patients that do not have insurance coverage. For patients that have insurance coverage and have a copay, Forward Science pays the copay amount, resulting in no out of pocket costs for the patient. For patients without insurance coverage, our Patient Assistance Program has a discounted cash price.

Will the patient be provided an explanation on their bill for the prescription?
The patient will receive an EOB (Explanation of Benefits) from their insurance company, which is the normal method during medical billing with insurance companies. The EOB will not be a bill, but only an explanation of what was charged and covered.