Proven Mucositis Relief

Patients taking SalivaMAX® for Oral Mucositis have seen proven improvement in the following symptoms:

  • 86% found improvement in the pain associated with swallowing
  • 71% found improvement in sores in the oral cavity
  • 67% found improvement in overall oral pain


In a recent study at a regional cancer center, those undergoing chemoradiation had a statistically significant decrease in mucositis when using SalivaMAX as opposed to the standard of care: salt and baking soda.

This manuscript has been submitted and more details will be presented when it has been published.

Other studies on the general SSCPR class found:

  • a reduction in the duration and severity of OM
  • need for total parenteral nutrition
  • hospitalization
  • pain
  • opioid use

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Oral Mucositis Prevalence in Cancer treatment

Oral Mucositis Prevalence in Cancer treatment - Mucositis

Mucositis is a common side effect of conventional chemotherapy (20 - 40%), high dose chemotherapy (80%) and head and neck radiation therapy (+95%). Mucositis is not only painful but can be a dose limiting complication limiting the primary therapy's efficacy. Other complications from oral mucositis are increasing hospitalization, increased infections, decreased nutrition, and increased narcotic usage.

The advantage over other drug interventions with SalivaMAX is its non-systemic nature. When using SalivaMAX, patients undergoing therapy are not subjected to another chemical burden. Additionally, there are no anticipated side effects and no known drug interactions with SalivaMAX.

While chemotherapy and radiation damage the fast growing cancer cells, a side effect is the damage to fast growing cells that line the mouth. During active cancer treatment, the oral soft tissue is damaged by limiting the growth of new cells, causing severe ulcerations. Once the chemotherapy and/or radiation treatment ends, the oral cavity can begin the healing process. During treatment, SalivaMAX helps reduce the mucositis severity.

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