Customer Testimonials

"I'm an oral cancer survivor: Stage 4 tongue cancer. I'm so grateful for SalivaMAX. It has a surprisingly refreshing mild saltwater taste that doesn't linger or contaminate the flavor of whatever else I'm drinking; there is only so much " mint " one can take.

"My dry mouth condition is permanent and after 2 1/2 years of crappy tasting " lubricant " mouth rinse, I'm so happy to have found SalivaMAX. The thing is that SalivaMAX works. I'm telling everyone; from my oncologists and care team to people in my survivors network. I wouldn't wish what happened to me on anyone, but at least now I can get some relief. I find SalivaMAX particularly beneficial before bed, no more dry mouth in my sleep. I could go on and on. Try it for yourself PLEASE." - Brad (Stage 4 oral cancer survivor)

Within days, I felt the difference that SalivaMAX was making in the moisture level in my mouth." - Diana

"The product works as advertised. During intense radiation there was a definite advantage to consistent usage." - Lois (head and neck radiation)

"SalivaMAX provides comfort to my throat for swallowing and keeping my mouth hydrated. It helped reduce mouth sores and inflammation due to radiation." - Britany (head and neck radiation)

"Amazing product. Far better product than previously used Biotene." - JS

"I have suffered from dry mouth for many years, and I have used Biotene every morning. Once I made the switch to SalivaMAX, I could tell a world of difference in less than a week! Thank you SalivaMAX for helping me feel normal again." - Tamara

"I have started carrying some with me and using it as I need it due to thyroid cancer and radiation treatment. My doctor just added a new medication that really has me much dryer than I was before. If I forget to have it handy throughout the day, I am miserable. I have also noticed a huge difference in the way my mouth feels overall. Not just the dryness, but what we refer to as burning tongue/mouth syndrome. Before I started using the new samples, I was constantly aware of the uncomfortable state my mouth is always in. Now that I think of it, I haven't thought about the burning much at all. Thank you so much for allowing me to try the SalivaMAX. It makes a great difference!" - Cathy, RDH (thyroid cancer)

"I received radiation back in 2012 and have since had xerostomia. I have not been able to find any product, OTC or prescription, that helps as much as SalivaMAX has! I love the product!" - Monica (radiation)