Forward Social Experience Scorecard

You Have a Website, But is it Effective?

So you have a website that has been around for a couple of years, or maybe it is brand new, that “gets” the job done…or so you think. It may look great and say all the right things; however, is it driving new business?

Your site may be hitting the mark when it comes to some things, but how can you improve your traffic and increase sales? Based on the age of your site, current trends, technology improvements, and good old human nature, your site must evolve with your business to make sure you stay in touch with your customer’s behaviors and needs.

The Forward Social™ Program includes our proprietary online experience scorecard assessment. An experienced team member will analyze your website on the following key features:

  • Overall Experience
  • Google Search Rankings
  • Google Reviews
  • Facebook Engagement
  • Instagram Engagement
  • Business Directory Listings

Once we have an overall score, we will now know what may be improved upon to better present your goods and service to the consumer in the digital world. Each of the points above is of equal importance. By evaluating your website we will have quantitative results that we may act on to improve your online experience.

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