Forward Science™ was founded by two engineers with a goal to change lives. The method to change more lives was to innovate current technologies for every day use by clinicians, in efforts to be used on many more patients. Forward Science's flagship product exemplified the vision of the founders, to create a simple, efficient and more affordable oral cancer screening device that can be used by more clinicians on more patients, thus changing more lives! The founders continue to evolve the product offerings as demand increases in other markets.

Robert J. Whitman | Co-Founder

Chief Executive Officer
A graduate of Tulane University with a B.S. and M.S.E. in Biomedical Engineering, Robert brings a unique mindset to the medical device industry. Robert began his career at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center as a Clinical Engineer utilizing advanced technology for early detection of cervical cancer. With a passion for early cancer diagnostics, Robert then joined the Research and Development team at a private startup, developing cancer-screening products utilizing fluorescence technology licensed from M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. Shortly thereafter, Robert co-founded Forward Science LLC with Dr. Brian Pikkula. In addition to his role as CEO of Forward Science, Robert speaks nationally on the topic of oral cancer and early discovery.

Brian M. Pikkula | Co-Founder

President & Chief Technology Officer
Dr. Pikkula brings 15 years of biomedical research and medical device development to Forward Science. He earned his PhD from Rice University in bio-optics and began his career at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center as a co-director of a multi-center clinical study investigating the “optical biopsy,” which is a technology used to detect cervical dysplasia in real time using fluorescence and reflectance imaging. After this investigative work, Dr. Pikkula joined Remicalm LLC/Trimira LLC, which had licensed much of the technology he was investigating. Before Dr. Pikkula joined Forward Science, he was a manager at a firm that provides imaging and radiographic consulting services to medical device companies.