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OralID is manufactured by Forward Science,
a company that was founded with the vision
to create a simpler, efficient, and more affordable
oral cancer screening device. OralID uses the same proven
fluorescence technology as other oral exam devices, with
no up-front costs and lower overall lifetime costs.
In addition, unlike any other device on the market,
OralID has no per-patient cost during use.

Say "No Thanks!" to Expensive Devices & Per-Patient Costs.

OralID uses a proven, optically based technology called, "fluorescence technology." OralID's fluorescence technology uses a blue light (435–460 nm) that provides the clinician an aid in visualization of oral mucosal abnormalities, such as oral cancer and pre-cancer. The other medical applications of fluorescence technology include highlighting abnormalities of the GI tract, cervix, lung, and skin.

The CDC recommends the use of a sheath during standard procedures as best practice.

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OralID is a battery-operated, hand-held oral examination light used as an adjunctive device for oral mucosal screening. The device emits a visible blue light (435–460 nm) that one shines directly into the oral cavity.

OralID is shipped with the necessary eyewear to use the device. Wearing the special OralID eyewear allows the clinician to view the tissue fluorescence during the oral exam. When the blue light from OralID shines on healthy oral tissue, it fluoresces green. However, when it shines on abnormal tissue, it appears dark due to a lack of fluorescence.

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