2022 Product Of The Year

(Houston, TX) In January 2022, Forward Science was awarded one of dentistry’s top awards for the seventh consecutive year. Dental Advisor awarded Forward Science “Product of the Year” for the OralID®, Forward Science’s flagship oral cancer screening device. Every year since receiving FDA Clearance in 2013, OralID®, has received this prestigious award from Dental Advisor.

According to the Dental Advisor, the awards are given after the products are clinically evaluated and subsequently highly rated by Dental Advisor. OralID®, along with other award recipients, is considered one of the best products in today's dental market. The Dental Advisor is a respected dental review company that focuses on reviewing products based on clinical research.

“Forward Science appreciates the continued support from the Dental Advisor team. Receiving this award validates all of the research and hard work our team does every day” states Forward Science CEO, Robert J. Whitman. "Being recipients of this award every year we are eligible pushes us to move forward in our fight against oral cancer and encourages us to continue innovating life changing technology.”

Forward Science offers a complete oral wellness program, with its ID For Life™ Program. If you are interested in improving your practice through oral healthcare screenings, visit our website ForwardScience.com/OralID.

About Forward Science
Forward Science is a privately help MedTech company based in Houston, Texas. Forward Science was founded in 2012 by two biomedical engineers with the goal of innovating technology to change more lives. Being completely vertically integrated, Forward Science designs, develops, manufactures, commercializes and supports their products in-house, ensuring the highest quality of standards coupled with superior service. Forward Science has quickly evolved into the industry leader for providing oral healthcare products worldwide.

In addition to the Forward Science product portfolio, the company has expanded its capabilities to provide extensive resources for business growth including staffing solutions (Forward Staffing), innovative social media marketing (Forward Social), and contract manufacturing in their FDA certified facility (Forward Manufacturing).

Forward Science believes in leading and working with others to expand and improve public health and business expansion by supporting the diverse partnerships between communities and companies. Partners of Forward Science can also depend on the support of a suite of wholly owned subsidiaries including Forward Social, Forward Manufacturing and Forward Staffing Services.

Join Forward Science's goal to change lives! Follow us on social media, visit www.ForwardScience.com, or call 855-696-7254.