BioStōm Launch

(Houston, TX) - Forward Science has officially released BioStōm™, the newest product in the Professional Use Product Line. BioStōm™ is a non-opioid oral pain relief gel. This all-natural, oral wound dressing is now available to clinical professionals as of December 2021.

Forward Science is an innovative MedTech company and worldwide leader in the oral healthcare industry. Using a vertically-integrated approach, Forward Science conducts all research and development, quality/regulatory, manufacturing, commercialization and sales/support at the company headquarters located in Houston, TX. The Forward Science team has launched dozens of products to address oral health issues spanning from oral cancer screenings to therapeutic mouth rinses. Forward Science received feedback from dental professionals across the globe regarding the need for an oral hydrogel wound dressing that could be used and provided by professionals in their practices. Armed with this feedback and determined to make an impact on the minacious opioid crisis, Forward Science created BioStōm™ for professional use.

“At Forward Science our mission is to provide clinicians worldwide with high quality products that, in turn, allow them to provide the highest standard of care to their patients,” says Forward Science CEO, Robert Whitman. “Our Research and Development team designed BioStōm™ not only to meet market demands, but also to exceed clinical expectations. By making this product available for professional use, we have created a trusted non-opioid pain-relief option for clinicians to utilize readily, catapulting our efforts against the opioid epidemic to new levels.”

With the recent concerns surrounding opioid prescription in the dental industry, Forward Science has been working on a non-drug option to manage oral pain, and BioStōm™ will do just that. Studies show that dentists and oral surgeons are by far the majority of prescribers for opioids to people ages 10-19. This is a critical age range in which the still developing brain is particularly susceptible to addiction. (Journal of American Medical Association, 2011). “The opioid epidemic has forced the dental industry to re-evaluate our approach to pain management to ensure we're providing holistic care to our patients and preventing adverse outcomes from our prescribing habits” explains Forward Science’s Director of Training and Education, Ellen Myers, RDH, BS. “We are extremely proud to release this all-natural, non-opioid product that provides patients with adequate pain relief and protection. We truly believe this product will change lives, and we look forward to hearing further feedback from professionals worldwide.”

If you are interested in learning more about BioStōm™, you can visit the Forward Science website at for more information.

FDA Indications for BioStōm™:
BioStōm™ Oral Pain Gel manages the pain of oral wounds, mouth sores, injuries and ulcers of the oral mucosa. It adheres to the oral tissue and forms a protective barrier between the wound and further prevents irritation and contamination. BioStōm™ Oral Pain Gel also maintains a moist wound environment.

About Forward Science
Forward Science is a privately held MedTech company based in Houston, Texas. Forward Science was founded in 2012 by two biomedical engineers with the goal of innovating technology to change more lives. Being completely vertically integrated, Forward Science designs, develops, manufactures, commercializes, and supports their products in-house, ensuring the highest quality of standards coupled with superior service. Forward Science has quickly evolved into the industry leader for providing oral healthcare products worldwide.

In addition to the Forward Science product portfolio, the company has expanded its capabilities to provide extensive resources for business growth including staffing solutions (Forward Staffing), innovative social media marketing (Forward Social), and contract manufacturing in their FDA-certified facility (Forward Manufacturing).

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