Forward Science Launches Professional Rinse Line

(Houston, TX) Forward Science, a Houston-based and locally operated MedTech company, launched their new line of professional use rinses, TheraStōm and OxiStōm.

Forward Science’s flagship product, OralID, launched in March of 2013 and has since revolutionized the way clinicians screen for early-stage oral cancer. After the successful launch of OralID, the Forward Science team made it their mission to create high-quality, yet cost-effective products to clinicians and patients in the dental industry.
Since 2013, Forward Science has released a number of therapeutic options, diagnostic kits and even stepped into the creation of hand sanitizers during the COVID-19 pandemic to serve the needs of their dental partners. This line of professional rinses was the direct result of feedback from Forward Science customers who needed proven products that had the ability to generate revenue as well.

“We are always striving for ways to better serve the needs of our partners in the dental community. Whether that be through life-changing technology for oral cancer screening, hand sanitizer during a pandemic, or creating this line of rinses. TheraStōm and OxiStōm two products that fill a need for our dental partners, proving protection for your patients and revenue for your practice. We are eager to get this product out and thrilled to hear the response from these trusted clinicians,” says Forward Science CEO, Robert Whitman.

TheraStōm is an antigingivitis, antiplaque daily oral therapeutic rinse that also helps control halitosis-causing VSCs. TheraStōm is a unique blend of CPC (Cetylpyridinium Chloride), zinc, xylitol, and essential oils; while containing no alcohol, dyes, or artificial flavoring.

OxiStōm is an oral wound cleansing rinse that helps cleanse and promote healing of oral wounds. OxiStōm is a hydrogen peroxide rinse with added benefits of xylitol and essential oils, while also containing no alcohol, dyes, or artificial flavoring.

Both of these rinses are “professional use only”; intended for dentists to offer products to patients that are not available at traditional retail. “We are proud to release these two rinses to our partners in the dental community. They are safe, effective, and trusted rinse options for patients,” says Forward Science’s Chief Scientific Officer, Brian Pikkula. Forward Science's goal of continuing to move science forward persisted through the pandemic, with the R&D team working tirelessly for over a year to launch our professional product line. “TheraStōm and OxiStōm are a result of our R&D team’s tireless efforts. We are eager to launch this new product line and continue to support our practices and patients with the goal of oral health.”

If you are interested in learning more about TheraStōm and OxiStōm, visit our website for more information.

About Forward Science
Forward Science is a privately held MedTech company based in Houston, Texas. OralID, Forward Science’s flagship product, is an award-winning oral cancer screening device that allows clinicians to visualize abnormalities that may not be seen under traditional white light examinations. With the success of OralID, Forward Science continued to focus on moving science forward in the oral healthcare industry by launching advanced diagnostic testing products (CytID, hpvID, phID, PathID) along with treatment options (SalivaMAX and Orapeutic). In addition to developing proprietary, state-of-the-art products, Forward Science has partnered with industry leaders to provide new and effective solutions to the dental community. Forward Science designs, develops, and manufactures their products in-house, ensuring the highest quality of standards coupled with superior customer service. Forward Science has quickly evolved into the industry leader for providing oral healthcare products worldwide.

To learn more about any of Forward Science’s products, please visit or call 855-696-7254.