Forward Science Partners With Swallows Head And Neck Charity

(Houston, TX) Forward Science, a MedTech company based in Houston, Texas is proud to partner with The Swallows Head & Neck Cancer Charity, a charity organization located in the United Kingdom that assists cancer patients, caregivers, and their families that are dealing with head & neck cancer including many side effects during and post-treatment such as difficulty in swallowing. The partnership will contribute to Forward Science’s goal to make an impact globally to support individuals affected by head and neck cancers.
The Swallows head & neck cancer charity was formed by Chris Curtis, head & neck cancer survivor, CEO of the charity, and now a world patient advocate. The Charity was formed to help and support patients, caregivers, and their families at the point they need it and in whatever means including a 24/7 support line and support boxes sent at the point of diagnosis.
The charity is now 10 years old in November, supporting in excess of 10,000 patients & caregivers around the world, and in 2017 was recognized by the Queen for the work they do.
Forward Science was founded by two biomedical engineers with the goal to change lives through the early discovery of oral cancer. With the rise of oral cancer in the United States, Forward Science launched its flagship product OralID® in 2013. OralID® is an oral cancer screening device that utilizes fluorescence technology to identify oral cancer and pre-cancer at its earliest stages, providing the patient with the greatest outcome for survival. “With the early success of OralID® in the United States, we knew we could make a greater impact worldwide with the proper partnerships,” shares Forward Science CEO, Robert J. Whitman.

Entering its second decade of oral health innovation, Forward Science now has a suite of products to support head and neck, cancer patients. “If a patient is diagnosed with head and neck cancer, there are many side effects that come during their cancer journey” explains Forward Science Chief Scientific Officer, Brian Pikkula. “Head & Neck cancer patients suffer from oral complications including xerostomia and mucositis, and Forward Science’s product offerings can help provide relief during the most important time of these patients' lives.” SalivaMAX is an FDA-cleared rinse, clinically proven to treat both xerostomia and mucositis. Additionally, BioStōm, Forward Science’s oral hydrogel wound dressing, is indicated for the relief and management of oral pain from all oral wounds; a frequent occurrence resulting from treatment.

Through our partnership with The Swallows Head & Neck Charity, we hope to reach patients around the world with our life-changing technology.

To learn more about OralID®, SalivaMAX, Biostōm, or any of Forward Science’s products, please visit, email us at, or call 855-696-7254.