Inside Dental Hygiene Spotlights Forward Science’s Gold Award Winners for Oral Cancer Screening Excellence

Inside Dentistry and Inside Dental Hygiene have proudly shared Forward Science's announcement of the annual Gold Award winners, recognizing outstanding dedication to oral cancer screening using OralID. This year’s distinguished honorees are Dr. James Ki Lee from Campus Smiles SMU and Gwen Duong, RDH, from McLean DDS. Their exceptional efforts in promoting early detection and enhancing oral health outcomes have made a profound difference in their patients' lives. Dr. Lee is praised for his exceptional leadership and commitment to screening for oral cancer. Gwen Duong is celebrated for her exemplary efforts in patient education and OralID screenings. "Dr. Lee and Gwen Duong truly embody the mission of Forward Science," said CEO Robert J. Whitman. Their dedication to early discovery and patient education is instrumental in our mission to change lives.

Click HERE to read the full article from Inside Dental Hygiene.

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