SalivaMAX™ is Making a World of Difference

Dr. Damira Bayzakova, of Bishkek, Kyrgystan, discusses Forward Science's donation of SalivaMAX™. Her facility treats upwards of 250 Children and SalivaMAX has been helpful for children with dry mouth/Mucositis while undergoing cancer treatment.

When asked if this product is needed in her daily facility care, Dr. Bayzakova responded, "Yes, of course, we need this medicine, especially in children who receive chemotherapy, during the aplasia for the patient this medicine is irreplaceable." She then added, "We are very, very grateful to this donating company Forward Science, which produces such an important medicine for children with cancer. For such countries as Kyrgyzstan, this drug is not available. Thanks to the huge help and support of Children National Children's Cancer Society, we are able to get this medicine in our patients. Many thanks."

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