SalivaMAX Research Continues to Support Product Efficacy and Show Additional Benefits


Forward science is thrilled to announce that inside dental hygiene, a leading broadcastmed editorial, has shared our latest press release highlighting the groundbreaking research on SalivaMAX. 

Since its fda clearance in 2015, SalivaMAX has been consistently proving its effectiveness through numerous clinical studies. The recent findings from the university of Colorado’s school of dental medicine underscore SalivaMAX's versatility in oral healthcare, particularly in remineralizing early enamel lesions. Dr. Brian Pikkula, our Chief Scientific Officer, reaffirms our dedication to science-based outcomes and ongoing research. 

We remain committed to collaborating with clinicians to validate the efficacy of our product line and drive innovation for better patient outcomes. 

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to pioneer in oral health innovation!