The Dental Advisor: OralID Gets Perfect +++++ Score With A 36 Independent Review

Forward Science Technologies LLC, creators of the FACT Oral Health Protocol™, are pleased to announce that the OralID™ Oral Cancer Screening device, has received a perfect 5 plusses (+++++) and Editors Choice Award from The Dental Advisor.

The Dental Advisor, a respected dental review company focusing on reviewing products based on clinical research, recently released the results of a 36 independent clinician, three-month review of OralID and CytID. The results for the OralID were the highest recorded in the oral cancer screening category, receiving a perfect 5 plus rating, 96% Clinical Rating, and an Editor’s Choice Award.

“We are very pleased, yet not surprised, with the results of their three month evaluation. The comments from the evaluators are what we consistently hear every day from our customers. This is why we have seen most of our current customers come from word of mouth referrals.” stated Luis Rivera, VP of Sales of Forward Science Technologies.

A science based clinical evaluation is one of the most important feedback mechanisms you can receive from a user. The Dental Advisor reviewed the OralID on its effectiveness, ease of use, simplicity, ergonomics, visualization in the mouth, and patient acceptance during the three month trial. “Working with an independent and science based organization is reassuring for a company like ours that was founded with a heavy focus on scientific justification for the technology,” states Dr. Brian Pikkula, President and CTO of Forward Science Technologies. “The Dental Advisor review proved our pre-design clinical input from a wide range of dental providers were effectively translated into a functional and widely accepted device, and now we hope more clinicians will be open to implementing OralID and CytID into their every day Oral Health Protocol. We have created a system that gives each clinician an edge to visualize abnormalities.