Forward Science Enhances BioStōm Formulation

Houston, TX (August 2023) -- Forward Science, a vertically integrated MedTech company based in Houston, Texas, was founded in 2012 with the mission to change lives through innovative, costeffective products. 

In 2021, Forward Science launched its oral hydrogel wound dressing, BioStōm. A non-opioid, all-natural oral pain relief gel, BioStōm was formulated to help with one of the dental industry’s leading issues – opioid addiction. 

With Forward Science’s goal to move science forward, they continuously reevaluate their products, utilizing feedback from their industry partners to ensure their products are formulated to the highest caliber. 

After research and collaboration, Forward Science has enhanced the BioStōm formulation to increase bioadherence and optimize viscosity. 

In collaborating with Forward Science’s primary industry partners, PuraGraft and MPS, the Forward Science R&D team was successful in meeting the needs of their partner. “The Forward Science R&D team incorporated our feedback from customers and were able to enhance a product that was already proven to work. 

Not only did they improve the product, but they also did so in a timely manner, which is a tribute to the dedication they have to support their customers and patients,” expressed Scott Ryan, GM of PuraGraft and MPS, a subsidiary of Young Innovations.

 “At Forward Science, our team prides themselves on moving quickly to deliver the highest quality products to our partners. We are proud to exceed the standards of our partners to ensure clinicians and patients have access to the best products available,” explained Robert J. Whitman, CEO of Forward Science. Forward Science looks forward to their continued partnership with Young Innovations to move science forward. 

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About Forward Science 

Forward Science is a privately help MedTech company based in Houston, Texas. Forward Science was founded in 2012 by two biomedical engineers with the goal of innovating technology to change more lives. Forward Science’s flagship product, OralID, is an award-winning oral cancer screening device that allows clinicians to visualize abnormalities that may not be seen under traditional examinations. With the success of OralID, Forward Science continued to focus on moving science forward in the oral healthcare industry by launching advance products to help patients reach their optimal oral health: SalivaMAX, BioStōm, TheraStōm and OxiStōm. Being completely vertically integrated, Forward Science designs, develops, manufactures, commercializes and supports their products in-house, ensuring the highest quality of standards coupled with superior service. Forward Science has quickly evolved into the industry leader for providing oral healthcare products worldwide. Join Forward Science’s goal to change lives! For more information, follow us on social media, visit, or call 855.696.7254